We are a family-run business

When in Roam is a family-owned business based in Maryland that thinks big but acts small. Sugar Taylor, a veteran multi-media designer, launched the company shopwheninroam with the intention of selling some of her one-of-a-kind creations like the Onyx Tarot Deck, as well as bespoke fabrics and art prints.We just had to include a selection of the most eye-catching limited-edition wares we could find. Our 14-foot box truck is now undergoing refurbishment, and we can’t wait to show up in a city near you. The idea of launching a mobile boutique that is not limited to a single place or set of goods appealed to us for a number of reasons: our confidence in our impeccable taste, our appreciation for diversity, and our ability to channel our inner nomad (yeah, and because shopwheninroam). What you see is what you get with us; our vibe is very much “here today, gone tomorrow.” We’re big fans of minority-owned companies, quirky color schemes, and unique stories.Tarot card shopwheninroam’s Ace of Wands.The Tarot deck represents a new beginning that is quite different from your current or previous circumstances. This is the card of new beginnings, brimming with the creative force that gives birth to things that were not there before. The Ace of Wands, the first card in the Suit of Wands, portends good fortune for the here and now and a pivotal event that will change things for the better. When inroam fulfills your request, it’s much like a magic lamp in a store.This piece of artwork is here to serve as a constant reminder that you have the power to bring into existence everything you can imagine.

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