The Online Magazine Verrien

Following the highest journalistic standards, Verrien is dedicated to providing comprehensive, objective coverage of all relevant topics. Launched in 2015, Verrien is an online magazine that aims to fulfill the traditional magazine’s mission by publishing timely news, comprehensive how-to guides, and critical analyses. Our goal is to provide you with relevant information and useful tools. In order to help you make educated purchases, we conduct thorough product evaluations and provide detailed buyer’s guides. The parent firm of Verriens is called SKG Corp Ltd. A news organization based entirely online. Our guidelines are regularly checked and updated as necessary, and each article is reviewed by an editor with expertise in the relevant topic before publication. The majority of our visuals are created in-house, however when we do use external resources, they must be in the public domain and a link must be provided back to the original creator. Our mission is to establish ourselves as the most reliable and widely read source of industry news and reference materials.Advertisements are now being accepted on Verrien. We use affiliate programs sensibly. There are businesses that provide an affiliate program in which we can earn a small commission for sending them new customers. In order to monetize his website, Verrien participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising network. We never link to a site for financial gain and never let affiliate payments influence our content selection or presentation. Regardless of whether or not an affiliate program is in place, we reserve the right to provide links to any site that we deem useful to our readers.

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