Refinishing a traditional bathroom

We are what you may refer to as unintentional bath refinishers. In 2017, my business partner France and I durabath launched it. I was simply a regular guy searching for employment. Then, one day, I ran into France as she was walking Pedro. She promoted contracts for a provider of durabath refinishing services. They needed someone right away because they had lost one of their bath refinishers. Although I had few options at the time, I submitted an application even though I had no idea what a bath refinisher did, and they hired me.I learned how to remodel old baths by priming the surface and then spraying them with expert bath paint after about two months of hard training. I became fixated on finding out as much as I could about restoring them.I worked with dated tubs that many clients had neglected for the majority of the period. Other times, I had to repair bathtubs that homeowners had installed themselves using subpar Durabath bath restoration kits.I started becoming unwell from the paint fumes after a few months. I tried to be protected with a full-face mask, but it didn’t work. My lungs would become congested, and I would have trouble breathing.After five years, we are still operating normally and taking care of new clients. Due to the high quality of customer service we offer, we have been able to accomplish this.Over 2000 baths, shower trays, and sinks have been built by us, and the road has been quite difficult.We have collaborated with numerous outstanding residential and commercial companies along the road.And if you’re interested in finding out which ones, you may look at our Businesses page.We are sincerely appreciative of having this company and getting to work with such wonderful clients.Durabath Products and Services is a name that originated in France.

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