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Technology, when used properly, drives today’s business world. No matter how big or small their operations are, every firm wants to use the most advanced technology available to help them compete.Companies like Business News Apple, Google, and Microsoft have been at the forefront of developing and perfecting new technologies in recent years. The ubiquitous availability of sophisticated and inexpensive technology has made it possible for even the most humble of firms to compete technologically with the likes of Google. Local energy companies, tire shops, and banks are just a few examples. While the number of well-established companies that have undergone a digital transformation is still small, it is growing.Accenture Research found that 8 percent of organizations have made the shift to become technological powerhouses. These companies boast of increased profits and expanded operations. The report’s authors assert that traditional companies that undertake digital transformation will get access to the same game-changing tools that leading tech companies have had at their disposal for some time now.

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