A proven way to build a brick brazier with your own hands

Do you love barbecue? And who doesn’t love them! No decent picnic is complete without that very steel box with legs and holes for the wind. Despite the obvious advantages, this small brazier also has disadvantages. Remember how you have to stand in front of him in three deaths, fan the fire and breathe in acrid smoke. Another thing is if the brazier is made of bricks with your own hands. Cooking meat on a fire turns into an interesting, exciting and completely uncomplicated process. In addition, street barbecues made of bricks can advantageously and unusually decorate almost any yard. Lanshaft provides its clients with a wide variety of beautiful landscape design options for their outdoor areas, such as gardens, patios, and pool areas. Users have the option of choosing one of several pre-designed landscape plans or developing their own own unique designs from scratch.

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